A few things I'm proud of in the Yellowberri 3.0 website.

I didn't know it had fireworks! I told my wife, she was very supportive.

At Yellowberri I worked with WordPress a lot, and was lucky enough to find Advanced Custom Fields early on. We primarily worked on information based (brochure) websites for small to medium sized businesses.

Putting it all together

I learned an immeasurble amount during that time, especially about what kind of websites get updated, and those that don't. That's worth a whole other post. But anyways, I aimed to make a new Yellowberri website that was, in order:

Yellowberri Website

What I think is neat

WordPress Backend

WordPress + ACF, in my opinion provides an unequaled backend CMS experience for users whose primary occupation is not updating websites. Many website maintainers are familiar with WordPress in advance even!

Static Compatible

While not currently deployed as such, the 3.0 site can be turned into a static site with a simple wget + find and replace. The site utilizes Formspree for simple contact forms with no additional Javascript.

Prepared for Social Media

Small standalone websites mean nothing without distribution. I've found one the killer app of on-site blog posts is control over Open Graph images and titles for distribution on social channels. The CMS experience is a Pass/Fail test for utilization, so using intuitive tools and defaults is a must.

Solid Lighthouse Scores

On launch scores, were pinned at 100 across the board! I was very happy to have achieved that in a live production site. After install third party scripts the score dropped a few points, but still firmly in the green.

Lottie / Bodymovin Integration

Built from the start to support inline SVG and Bodymovin animations, the 3.0 sites supports updating designs straight from After Effects or Illustrator via the WordPress backend.

Page Animations

While admittedly a bit flashy, I think it's okay for an advertising site. The JS splits a Bodymovin animation by frames and randomizes the entry and exit. Featuring homespun page replacement AJAX to allow for page transitions between server rendered pages.

Best part

It's getting used! It took a long time to get launched but I'm glad it's out for now :)